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Chime Multiplayer

Chime Multiplayer Stolen Couch Games Jan 2010 - June 2010 XNA / C# programmer

This was a project I worked on during my time at the Utrecht School of Arts. We got assigned by Marting de Ronde to create a multiplayer version of the, at the time, new game Chime that was published by One Big Game. Because of the lack of graphics for this game I took on the job of C# programmer. Programming is a hobby of mine and this was a great opportunity to improve my knowledge of programming and learn a new programming language (XNA with C#).

We worked with several composing student from the music department of our school. They provided us with some very good tracks for our version of the game. The original developer Zoë Mode was very impressed with our work. Eventually they used our Versus mode as a base to design their own Versus mode.