Name: Daan Boon
Date of birth: 18 april 1985
Telephone: on request
E-mail: daan [at]


2007 / 2011 - Utrecht School of Arts
GameDesign and Development, 4 year course

2004 / 2007 - Deltion College - Graphic College in Zwolle
Multimedia Designer, 4 years course

Work experience & internships

Feb. 2017 / Present - 3D Artist/Tech Artist at Blue Giraffe
At Blue Giraffe I worked on Heart Medicine 2 as a character artist and animator. For this project I created some tools to help with the tedious way of animation that was being used. I created a tool which loads the textures from the face model so the animators could easily select which face was needed on a specific frame. Next to that I created a tool that rendered all the specified frames, loaded those into Photoshop to apply custom actions for outlining and copy them to their own folder on SVN. In the end this took rendering time down from five minutes per frame to just a few seconds per frame.

Mar. 2016 / Jan. 2017 - 3D Artist at 3D Capacity
3D Capacity creates high quality visuals and virtual maquettes. I worked on an app in which the potential buyer of a house could walk around in their future house. There were a total of 12 different houses with each their own variants and tailored interiors. Each bottom floor had four different types of styles the user could choose from. The app was build in Unity3D on top of a framework that was already prepared before I started. On top of this framework I build the code to let the user switch the variants of the floors, along with their interiors. All the houses were seperated into small pieces that could be turned on and off depending on the camera view. We created all sorts of maxscripts to help us cope with the rendering of the lightmaps for all the houses and their interior models. During this project I got quite fond of working with maxscript. It's really powerful to create tools to help with labourous repetitive tasks.

Oct. 2011 / Feb. 2016 - Co-founder / Lead 3D Artist at Stolen Couch Games
Co-founded the independent game studio Stolen Couch Games with co-students. We did the following projects: Chime Multiplayer, Ichi, Kids vs Goblins, unannoucend word game, Castaway Paradise. Next to that we did some art outsourcing projects for various contractors. At Stolen Couch Games I was responsible for all the 3D models and animations.

Sept. 2007 / Sept. 2011- Various student games at the Utrecht School of Arts
Which include Assault On Planet Equidon, Pushing Daisy, Expanova, Skyburn, General Conflict

Nov. 2009 / Jan. 2010 - Contract work at Little Chicken Game Company
Created several 3D characters and models for multiple online games and one Wii title

June 2009 / Nov. 2009 - Internship at Little Chicken Game Company
Created several 3D characters and models for multiple online games and one Wii title

Winter 2008 - Freelance 3D animation for Goal043
Animated a character for a online commercial

Fall 2008 - Freelance 3D modeling for Goal043
Modeling and rendering backgrounds for a Flashbased serious game

Summer 2008 - Freelance 3D modeling at MimicMedia
Modeling and texturing clothing and garments for an online application

Feb. 2006 / Jan. 2007 - Internship at Two Tribes
Got the chance to work on three games, Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties for the NDS the early version of Toki Tori for Wiiware and testing for Worms: Open Warfare 2 for NDS.

Software knowledge

I have a lot of experience with and good understanding of the following software: 3DS Max/MaxScript, Unity3D/C#, Photoshop, Illustrator, ZBrush

Favorite games

Half-Life 1, 2; NeverWinter Nights 1; STALKER series; Penumbra series; Monkey Island serie; TES V - Skyrim; Towerfall